hey there, i'm kel 🌾

I'm a Vancouver-based product designer of Malaysian-Chinese descent, with a background in business and sociology. My interests lie in the intersections of tech and social impact, though I'm wondrously intrigued by the inner workings of game design. I'm also looking to be a more radically candid human in 2021.

Currently studying Consumer Behaviour at Western University, leveling up design at Hack Western, and interning at RBC where I'm branding and designing interfaces for AI services. More details can be found on my LinkedIn

when i'm not designing

I love being in nature. I went on numerous backcountry camping and hiking trips in high school, and am always looking for my next outdoor adventure (most recently ziplined in Whistler, woohoo!). On a day to day however, you can find me playing spikeball, curating my Spotify playlists, or documenting my life on Notion and Twitter.



On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal by Naomi Klein
Hospital Playlist S2, Genshin Impact livestreams, 2 Days 1 Night S4, Demon Slayer
Love Me Like That by Sam Kim, best for you by slchld