Hi, I'm Kelly! 🌻

nature-lover. tea-enthusiast. avid Notioneer.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I'm a self-taught product designer studying Management and Organizational Studies at the University of Western Ontario. I'm passionate about designing meaningful products for business and organizations doing social good. I have 4+ years experience in graphic design, motion, and illustration, with 2+ years in UX.

I'm currently leading design for one of Canada's largest hackathons, Hack Western, and designing & developing interfaces at RBC.

When I'm not pushing pixels in Figma, you can find me reading Humble the Poet, going on tangents about Korean dramas & anime, or watching Twitch livestreams.

other tidbits:

  • INFJ
  • Favourite country I've travelled to: Malaysia 🌏
  • I went vegetarian when I started learning about the impact the agricultural industry has on our environment after watching Cowspiracy at 14. Never looked back since.