Nice to meet you! 

I’m Kelly — a product designer* studying consumer behaviour at Western University.

*and creative generalist: illustration, motion graphics, graphic design, video production

Currently having fun in my final semester and co-leading Hack Western.

Previously, I have...

My design philosophy

When designing, I prioritize curiosity, elegance, and the Japanese principle of Kaizen. What does this mean?


In my craft, curiosity means knowing when to zoom in and out on problems; questioning and critiquing decisions along the way. Curiosity allows me to get down to the root of issues, and follow different paths of exploration. Without it, I would be awfully limited to simply what I am told or what is visible on the surface level. And where's the fun in that? 


To me, executing on an end-to-end product experience with elegance not only entails strong research and flow as a base, but also involves spending the time to polish the visuals down to the pixel. I find visual design to be an underrated aspect of product experiences today, and I am to bring back this sense of elegance and delight to interfaces. At the same time, I'm cognizant of when to strike this balance between the "move fast and break things" and "be pixel perfect" camps.


Applied to design, I see Kaizen as a way of thinking that allows me to let go of the idea that a design is ever 'final', and that instead it is a constantly evolving, growing, and iterative process. In turn, I too am learning, growing, and striving for continuous improvement in my craft.

Some other tidbits


Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba): Entertainment District Arc, Our Beloved Summer

listening to


A lot of JUNNY and Sam Kim, No Numbers by JAMIE ft. JMIN, Holoscene by Bon Iver

An e-book about 'becoming who you are' called Introspect, written by @visakanv

Last updated: February 2022