hey, i'm kelly!

I'm a freelance product designer who helps early-stage startups with optimizing user flows, 0-1 product ideation and prototyping, and design systems for platforms across web and mobile. I also craft websites and visual identities for businesses. In my off hours, I design for and host community co-working events, write about introspection,  and am trying to improve my Korean.

If you're curious about my origin story and have 2 hours to spare, you can watch my recent podcast episode here.

Currently, interests I'm tending to are...

  • Design: running an independent design practice, imagining speculative futures, game UX, spatial interfaces and the infinite canvas, creating pockets of poetic worlds on the web
  • Community: hosting community events for play and learning, encouraging others to believe in themselves, design education (speaking, running workshops, accelerators, accountability groups, etc.)
  • Introspection: identities and how we can better express ourselves authentically online, exploring mixed-media art, making short-films/vlogs, ways to leave traces on the web to help the people we’re looking for find us (bat signals for people similar to you)

When leading my life, I value...

  • high agency
  • choosing optimism
  • optimizing for serendipity
  • making for the love of making
  • exploration as much as conviction

Previously, I have...

  • Worked with clients across various industries, including: an online driving school, sports data analytics platform, B2B fintech, a crypto payments platform
  • Lived in South Korea for a 4-month study exchange during my last term of undergrad. I miss it everyday.
  • Co-organized and hosted the Atelier Showcase: a celebration of chasing curiosities, works-in-progress, and doing what moves you.
  • Co-led Hack Western 9 for its first in-person iteration since 2019, garnering 400+ attendees
  • Interned at Electronic Arts, designing in-game user experiences for EA Sports FC (previously FIFA Mobile) players
  • Centralized designs of AI/ML interfaces into one platform at RBC to enable effective collaboration for employees
  • Spearheaded design for all digital products as the first designer at NIKU Farms, a sustainable meat delivery startup
  • Co-organized a 24-hour design-a-thon for the largest tech, business, and entrepreneurship club at Western University
  • Founded a business program engaging 200+ high school students in case-based learning to increase business literacy

My design philosophy

When designing, I prioritize curiosity, elegance, and the Japanese principle of Kaizen. What does this mean?


In my craft, curiosity means knowing when to zoom in and out on problems; questioning and critiquing decisions along the way. Curiosity allows me to get down to the root of issues, and follow different paths of exploration. Without it, I would be awfully limited to simply what I am told or what is visible on the surface level. And where's the fun in that? 


To me, executing on an end-to-end product experience with elegance not only entails strong research and flow as a base, but also involves spending the time to polish the visuals down to the pixel. I find visual design to be an underrated aspect of product experiences today, and I aim to bring back this sense of elegance and delight to interfaces. At the same time, I'm cognizant of when to strike this balance between the "move fast and break things" and "be pixel perfect" camps.


Applied to design, I see Kaizen as a way of thinking that allows me to let go of the idea that a design is ever 'final', and that instead it is a constantly evolving, growing, and iterative process. In turn, I too am learning, growing, and striving for continuous improvement in my craft.

current media consumption


Past Lives, Twinkling Watermelon

listening to


The Good Enough Job by Simone Stolzoff, Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

24 by NIKI, love you twice by HUH YUNJIN, love. by wave to earth, Insane by Ailee (oldie but goodie)

Last updated: January 2024