OPTIMIST On a mission to BRING BACK PLAY into software, design, daily life, and the world.

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i care about…

Design: running an independent design practice, prototyping speculative futures, game UX, spatial interfaces and the infinite canvas, creating pockets of poetic worlds on the web

Community: hosting community events for play and learning, encouraging others to believe in themselves, design education (speaking, running workshops and accelerators, co-working sessions, meetups, etc.)

Introspection: identities and how we can better express ourselves authentically online, exploring mixed-media art, making short-films/vlogs, ways to leave traces on the web to help the people we’re looking for find us (bat signals for people similar to you)

When leading my life, I value...

  • high agency

  • choosing optimism

  • optimizing for serendipity

  • making for the love of making

  • exploration as much as conviction

Previously, I have...

  • Worked with clients across various industries, including: driving schools, music licensing marketplaces, sports data providers, B2B fintech, crypto payments

  • Co-organized and hosted demo days for creators and builders who just want to make things, such as the Soto Spotlight and Atelier Showcase.

  • Lived in South Korea for a 4-month study exchange during my last term of undergrad. I miss it everyday.

  • Interned at Electronic Arts, designing in-game user experiences for EA Sports FC (previously FIFA Mobile) players

  • Co-led Hack Western 9 for its first in-person iteration since 2019, garnering 400+ attendees

  • Centralized designs of AI/ML interfaces into one platform at RBC to enable effective collaboration for employees

  • Spearheaded design for all digital products as the first designer at NIKU Farms, a sustainable meat delivery startup

  • Co-organized a 24-hour design-a-thon for the largest tech, business, and entrepreneurship club at Western University

  • Founded a business program engaging 200+ high school students in case-based learning to increase business literacy

  • now playing: Dust (먼지) by SEVENTEEN ♪


  1. product is my bread & butter, but i also do web design, brand, & graphics

  1. turning my handwriting into a font (featured!), digital cards & scrapbooking

  1. teaching design aesthetics 101, scheming shenanigans, and building maker communities optimizing for play & serendipity in toronto ⁂✧・゚:*

  1. navigating my 20s with 100+ internet strangers, uncomfycorner.com





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hey! i'm kelly

mixed-media art

— an independent designer

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