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EukaPay is a Canadian payments platform enabling businesses to accept crypto.

I designed the end-to-end product, working on 12 core user flows/screens. I implemented a new brand identity including a new logo, designed 6+ pages for the corporate website, as well as overhauled their design system. Designs were done for both web and mobile applications, as well as a physical terminal machine for payments in retail stores.


Dec 2021 - April 2022

(5 months)


Contract Part-Time (Product Design, Web Design, Brand)


Kelly Chong (Designer)

William Lau (Product)

Wayne Chen (CEO, Co-Founder)

Tomo Furuta (CTO, Co-Founder)




A new corporate identity emphasizing trust, reliability, and innovation.

I presented various moodboards, typography options, colours, and logo concepts before landing on the new visual identity for EukaPay today.


Transforming the website to highlight Euka's multiple use cases

All the pages on Euka's site were designed by me (other than the recently implemented Euka Maps), including custom images.

Want to learn more?

My product work with EukaPay contains sensitive information that can’t currently be released to the public. If you’re a recruiter or founder looking to learn more about my work, please contact me at kellyhychong@gmail.com.

Enabling crypto payments for Canadian businesses